Unlock the power of
graphical data

Versatile analytics toolkits to help you extract business intelligence from your data creating real business value.

Visual Analytics

Use the power of graphical dashboards and visualisation tools, connected to any of your data sources, to deliver actionable business insights you can see clearly.

Actionable Insights

RESOLVE software tool kit will give you a strategic advantage in knowing how things are running and where to focus energy for improvement - extract meaningful insights, identify trends and perform data analysis.

Instant Understanding

Use the output of graphical data analytics to inform your customers, board, shareholders, stakeholders, team and individuals. A picture can instantly allow faster and more aligned understanding of complex data.

Streamlined Reporting

Software tools designed to be intuitive and user friendly, giving you a fast and consistent method of publishing, accessing and maintaining key data sets. This means less time looking for lost information.

Time is Money and Graphical Data can provide savings for both.

From your data wealth, Graphical data’s Visual Analytics tool sets can extract the answers you need and generate the answers you didn’t think were available and all presented in an easy to use format.
Program delivery risk management
Visualization of risk analysis data associated with key suppliers including most common response strategy
Type: Heatmap, circle packing
Live network issue management
Media Distribution
Text keyword analysis of issues and incidents to assist root cause analysis
Type: Heatmap
Customer traffic routing analysis
Analysis of machine generated routing data to establish customer booking pattern trends
Type: Edge bundling
Circuit capacity analysis
Network Communications
Density visualization to examine volumes of traffic on multiple customer circuits
Type: Chord diagram
Equipment power setting analysis
Broadcast Network
Comparison of equipment power settings to identify irregularities and potential non-compliance
Type: Scatter graph
Existing customer sales dashboard
Media & Broadcast
API fed dashboard for analyzing sales volumes by various metrics
Type: Bar chats

Expansive visualisation library

Go beyond pie charts and bar graphs. Make use of extensive visualisation libraries to bring your data to life, making it clearer to interpret and identify trends.

Real time analysis

Whether human or machine generated content, you'll be working with the latest information giving you the most up to date answers possible.

Set up support

No hidden costs to implement a new software product internally, Graphical Data will take your data and build dashboards which answer your questions. You don't have to do anything except analyse the results

Multiple data sources

Integrate your dashboards with external data sources, offering enhanced analytics which most out of the box reporting suits do not offer

Data preparation

No matter the quality of your data, how structured it is or how accessible, Graphical Data team can assist in cleansing it to extract meaning

Growth and expansion

Start by solving one problem and extend from there. Incorporate additional activities easily. Your system is designed for growth.

case study

Visualised Data for Trend Analysis

Extracted from complex data, our client was able to see underlying trends and become more efficient.

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