Knowledge Capture





Client was a broadcast business with thousands of locations & technical assets, multiple departments and distributed teams. Complex technical infrastructure built up over decades with multiple, sometimes concurrent refresh programmes created a major problem when trying to ascertain baseline reality of the current state of play is. Legacy information, conflicting data and local experience / knowledge was difficult to extract.


Graphical Data's RESOLVE knowledge capture module was deployed to alleviate the problem and build a future proof method for capturing knowledge within the business and making it available as a common resource. Headquarter based specialists, project managers and designers were provided with a way to communicate with operational and engineering teams dispersed geographically and organisationally - The system made available can present answers to questions already asked or directed the user to the most likely source for answer.


Through the creation of a centrally available, searchable knowledge repository for the whole organisation to utilise, there are resulting improvements in. Decision making based on better information to hand. Cost are reduced by both lowering the time to find information, and knowing how up to date it is. Further savings come from reducing repeated on location visits. Faster, more assured responses to customer requests demonstrate competence and capability.


  • Data Analytics
  • Insights
  • Data Visualisations
  • Unstructured data
  • Business Intelligence
  • Reporting
  • JIRA
  • Helpdesk
  • Trend Analysis
  • Free text analysis
  • Content Delivery